Yakuza Collection (3+4+5)

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Yakuza Collection Game Introduction

Backdrop to Yakuza Game Series

The chronological order of the in-game timeline is as following, Yakuza 0, Kiwami 1, Kiwami 2, and Yakuza 3 to 5, Yakuza 6 and followed by Yakuza Like a Dragon. If player is interested to play all of them, they can follow in this order. Each Yakuza game has its own storyline that starts and ends within that game. Yakuza 0 started with an in-game timeline and a setting of 1980s' Japan and the latest Yakuza 7 has align with our current timeline.

GameHertz Editor Note: Yakuza Game Series has inked a deal with Soft on Demand (Japanese AV Industry), thus JAV actresses has always been iconic in Yakuza Games. The Hostesses in the Carabet club of Yakuza Games are various JAV actresses whom are popular when the game was released. The animated figure is based on the actress face and figure, the voice is being dubbed by the JAV actresses and also there are Videos (Almost Nudity) which are recorded by the JAV actress and player get to watch when they progress their dating relationship with the Hostess or visit an in-game JAV video shop.

Yakuza Collection Game Sypnosis

Yakuza Collection includes 3 games from Yakuza 3 to 5.

Yakuza 3: In February 2007, after ending the war with the Omi Alliance, Kiryu and Haruka left Tokyo and Osaka City life for the rural Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa where the Duo run an orphanage together. Having wanted to escape from the underground society, the Duo soon receive eviction notice for the orphanage from the Ryudo Family, who own the land it's built on. Kiryu got involved into the underground activities by the Ryudo clan and leads to a showdown.

Yakuza 4: One Year After the events of Yakuza 3, in 2010, loan shark Shun Akiyama learns that members of the Ueno Seiwa Clan, an organization involved in a power-struggle with the Tojo Clan in 1985, are causing a disturbance. Akiyama beats them up as Hiroaki Arai and his friend Takeshi Kido arrive. One of the men, Masaru Ihara, shoots Arai, misses, and flees. Arai pursues him. Akiyama returns to his office and finds Arai next to Ihara's body, having killed him. Hamazaki later seek Kiryu at the orphanage and Kiryu return to Kamurocho.

Yakuza 5: The story of Yakuza follows immediately after Yakuza 4. The successor to the Omi Alliance seeks war with the Tojo clan to establish in an attempt to prove his legitimacy through violence. Kiryu is now working as a taxi driver but got involved in the power fight between the 2 clans.

Yakuza Collection Game Features

Main Gameplay Showcase

Move Sets Showcase

Yazuka Collection Side Activities

Hostesses Showcase

GameHertz Editor Special Note: Other than graphics, Yakuza Series added more Up to Date JAV actress as hostesses such as Yui Hatano and Kana Momonogi when remastering the 3 games.

Featuring Jav Actress:  

Yakuza 3 : Yui Hatano (JAV), Kana Momonogi (JAV), Mika Tsuchiya, Nao Kaneshiro, Saya Unten, Reimi Hanayama, Shiori Nagamori, Miyu Shiraboshi, Ranko Yazuki, Rin Sasaba

Yakuza 4: Rio (JAV), Erena Aihara (JAV), Himeka Kawasaki, Noa Mizutani, Shizuka Saito, Chihiro IkkiMaya Mori

Dating Rio (Other Jav Idols Avail)

Japanese Mafia Karaoke

Club Sega

Japanese Mafia Fishing

Casino Showcase




Air Hockey





Many Substories

GameHertz Editor Point of View on Yakuza Game Series

Yakuza Series is based on Japanese Mafia and Crime Scene. GameHertz Editor found Yakuza games to have thrilling Mafia related stories that get exciting fast. Although the game is not fully open world, gamers has the freedom to free roam during each mission in each of the environment. There are many activities unique to the Japanese Mafia underground society such as the Japanese Style Karaoke, Mafia Managed Carabet, Fishing, Dating Girls, Mafia Managing Real Estate and even Tamiya Style slot car racing.

GameHertz Editor Note: The JAV actress featured in Yakuza Collection are Yui Hatano, Kano Momonogi, Rio and Erena Aihara.

GameHertz Editor recommend Yakuza Series to gamers that are into playing Mafia games in the Yakuza style with storylines and dating system featuring many popular JAV actresses.

GameHertz Editor Note: This game is only suitable for adults and not suitable for kids. 

Game Information

No of Players Offline: Single Player

No of Players Online: NIL

GameHertz Editor Time taken to Complete Game:

Main Story: 135 Hours 00 Mins

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