Plant vs. Zombie Garden Warfare 2

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Plant vs. Zombies 2 Game Sypnosis

Plant vs. Zombies is a widely popular tower defense game. The game has the concept of using many kinds of different plants as "Heros" against the attacking Zombies. All the plants feature in the game are real plants found in our environment and they come with individual skills and abilities.

Being the sequel to PvZ 1, players find themselves battling zombies in different time periods, including Ancient Egypt, the 16th and 17th centuries, Ice age, the Far Future, the Middle Ages, and the 1980s.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Game Features

Main Gameplay Showcase (Tower Defense)

Other Game Modes (First Person Shooter)

All Plants Showcase

All Zombies Showcase

Both Offline and Online Multiplayer

GameHertz Editor Point of View on Plant vs. Zombies Series

GameHertz Editor noted that Plant vs. Zombies Series is a tower defense game. What is interesting about this concept is that the characters are various plants species from our environment. Although the game is mainly about 2D map tower defense, there are other game modes where player can control the plant as a 1st person shooter to shoot the zombies.

GameHertz Editor recommend this game for gamers that are into tower defense games and into the concept of playing with various species of plants while fighting zombies.

GameHertz Editor Note: This game is suitable for both adults and kids.

Game Information

No of Players Offline: 1-2 Players

No of Players Online: Up to 24 Players

GameHertz Editor Time taken to Complete Game:

Main Story: 21 Hours 30 Mins

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