Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

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Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Game Introduction

Backdrop to Megaman Series

The first game from Megaman was released in 1987 on NES. Since then more than 50 games has been released all the way into 2022.

Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Game Sypnosis

This collection includes Mega Man Zero Series 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as Mega Man ZX Series of ZX and ZX Advent.

GameHertz Editor Note: This is a collection of retro megaman games from early 2000s. Its a 6 in 1 game bundle that packs many hours of gameplay.

Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Game Features

Gameplay Showcase

GameHertz Editor Point of View on Megaman Collection

GameHertz Editor noted that Megaman Collection are a collection of Retro Megaman Games from early 2000s. It brings back the old school and nostalgia feel.

GameHertz Editor recommend the collections for gamers that will like to relinquish the nostalgia megaman games..

Game Information

No of Players Offline: Single Player

No of Players Online: NIL

GameHertz Editor Time taken to Complete Game:

Main Story: 28 Hours 00 Mins

Main+Extra: 41 Hours

Completionist: 73 Hours

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