Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

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Final Fantasy XII Game Introduction

Backdrop to Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy Series is a popular JRPG that has more than 3 decade history. Final Fantasy 1 came out in 1987 on NES system with more games released on various game consoles over the years. There are a total of 95 Final Fantasy games with 2 notable series. One of them is the Core FF Series that has 15 games at moment and the other one being the famous Final Fantasy Tactics Series which is currently on hold. There are many spin off games that are based from the Core FF series such as World of final fantasy, Final Fantasy Dissidia and Chocobo games.

GameHertz Editor played every Final Fantasy game from FF7 to FF15 . The most notable about Final Fantasy Series is that it has a beautiful story and always one of if not the best JRPG graphics on the gaming scene at each of the game release. It is always seen as the pinnacle of graphics for JRPG games. Each of the game takes the development team years of effort (About 3-5 years) with roughly 100 -150 gaming architect to craft out the beautiful game. One of the highlights is the OST of Final Fantasy Songs and that many gamers see FF Music as one of the best gaming OST.  A few very famous examples are Aeris Theme from FF7 (Piano), Eyes on Me from FF8 (Sang by Faye Wong) and Melodies of Life from FF9. 

Top Jrpg Graphics, Touching Story and Beautiful OST songs are what makes FF series extremely popular JRPG games on the market for more than 3 decades. 

Final Fantasy XII Game Sypnosis

In Dalmasca's capital city of Rabanastre, Princess Ashelia (Ashe) of Dalmasca and Prince Rasler of Nabradia have just wed, as the Archadian Empire invades the two countries. Rasler is killed in the war, the city of Nabudis is destroyed in a single explosion, and the Dalmascan King Raminas is assassinated moments after signing a treaty of surrender.

Final Fantasy XII Game Features

Main Gameplay Showcase

Huge Open World with Many Cities


Combat Showcase

All Summons Showcase

Chocobos Riding and OST

FF XII OST Preview (3 Songs Short Preview) (There are a total of whopping 55 OST Songs)

GameHertz Editor Point of View on Final Fantasy XII

FF XII is interesting in the sense that it is inspired by Midde Eastern Old Age Empire as backdrop to the story. Dalmasca is in fact a city name based on Dalmascus in Syria. It feature a lot on the Ottoman and Old Age Middle Eastern style of architecture. It is a place full of old age stories and history that serve as a good background for the game. 

The usual's of FF series such as Chocobo and the beautiful OST are available in this game as well. Story itself is enticing and players get to visit many cities during the gameplay while uncovering the story. As usual to the FF series, the story is very written and has a whopping 60 hours of gameplay on the Main Story. 

GameHertz Editor recommend Final Fantasy XII for gamers that are into JRPG with a Middle Eastern Old Age concept with beautiful OST and immersive story to follow.

GameHertz Editor Note: This game is only suitable for adults and not suitable for kids. 

Game Information

No of Players Offline: Single Player

No of Players Online: NIL

GameHertz Editor Time taken to Complete Game:

Main Story: 61 Hours 00 Mins

Main+Extra: 93 Hours

Completionist: 160 Hours

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