Agents of Mayhem

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Game Plot & Overview

Agent Mayhem is a spinoff series and share same universe with Saints Rows and Red Faction. The game timeline is after Saint Rows IV expansion (Gat out of Hell). Though it share the same game universe, the game story is not directly linked to either Saint Rows or Red Faction.

There are two leagues in the open world of Agents Mayhem which set place in a Futuristic future of Seoul, South korea.

Mayhem and Legion. While Legion seeks world domination by launching worldwide attack to topple World Governments. Mayhem objective is to foil the plans of  Legion.  There are a total of 12 agents which player can select 3 with a number of crossover characters from Saint Rows such as Persephone Brimstone, Yeti, Kingpin and Johnny Gat.

Game Features

Game Humour

Various Super Car to Unlocks


Emergency Vehicles

Different Abilities and Team Combination

Open World Based on Asian City

Day Roaming

Night Roaming

Animated Cut Scenes

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